Time of Eve

Part of The New York International Children's Film Festival

Japan, Yasuhiro Yoshiura, 2010, 106 min.
Recommended ages: 11 to adult (subtitled)

US PREMIERE'Covering territory explored by Blade Runner and I, Robot, Time of Eve is an exquisitely drawn, sci-fi allegory that probes questions of artificial intelligence and emotions, while flirting with the moral and personal implications of human-robot romance.

It is the future and household androids are becoming common. Completely lifelike and indistinguishable from humans, androids are programmed to serve with devotion'so it is no wonder that highschooler Rikuo begins to have unsettling feelings towards his android Sammy, feelings heightened when he discovers a curious phrase recorded in her activity log, 'Are you enjoying the Time of Eve'? Investigating with his buddy Masaki, they discover an enigmatic underground caf??, a robot safe-zone, where androids and humans interact as equals'in apparent violation of guidelines set by the all-powerful Robot Ethics Committee. Inside the caf?? distinctions between human and android are blurred and both seem to reveal layers of emotional complexity not apparent in the outside world.

Please note: Film contains mild sexually suggestive situations.

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Sat 19 Mar 2011
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY
$9 members; $12 nonmembers
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