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A look at recent, wide-ranging documentary short films from Down Under, featuring films about a medical assistant breaking the law in assisting with a medical breakthrough; aboriginal women disguising themselves as men to work driving cattle; a woman who escaped from Soviet Hungary and came to Australia in 1957 telling her story for the first time; a woman who is Australia's last mirror maker; reality TV's toll on its performers; a scientist working to save animal species; singing coal-miners consoling the community; and dating in your eighties.

The Heart Thief
Dir. Ella Rubeli. 9 mins.

At Sydney Hospital in 1956, a medically-untrained assistant to a pioneering heart surgeon breaks the law by assisting the surgeon with experimental surgery, helping to create a medical breakthrough.

The Drover’s Boy
Dir. Margaret McHugh. 11 mins.

The story of a white drover and his Aboriginal wife — who travelled with her husband disguised as a drover’s boy — in 1920’s Outback Australia, when it was illegal for Aboriginal women to work as drovers.

At Midnight
Dir. Amber McBride. 4 mins.

Maria escaped from Communist Hungary in 1957, seeking freedom in Australia, but her husband would not leave his successful filmmaking career in Hungary to go with her. More than 50 years later, Maria tells her story.

The Last Mirror Maker
Dir. Sean Meltzer. 6 mins
Melissa is the last of her kind in Australia — she makes mirrors by hand in a time when the art and science of silvering is no longer taught or handed down. She is the last mirror maker.

Creating a Monster
Dir. Gena Lida Reiss. 20 mins.

The unflattering portrayal of a reality TV show performer leads to complications for him in the real world.

Bright Spots
Dir./Animator Jilli Rose. 8 mins.

A poetic portrait of scientist Nick Holmes and his work in preserving species, in a blindingly beautiful animation.

Something to Crow About
Dir. Sebastian Broadbent. 9 mins.

Victorian coal-miners singing bluegrass music in a local pub console a community during hard times.

Dir. Mason Fleming. 9 mins.

An 86-year old widower ventures into the unfamiliar world of online dating.

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