New York Japan CineFest: Program 2


Co-presented by Asia Society and Mar Creation, Inc.

New York Japan CineFest: Program 2
Sapporo Short Fest Selection

Selected from the 7th Sapporo Short Fest (2012), these short films offer originality in both subject matter and style. Some meditate on serious issues such as the transience of life, horror of war, and aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Others offer quirky humor and lightheartedness towards absurdity of everyday life. Together they provide a glimpse of the vitality of Japanese culture.

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Dir. Akihito Izuhara. 2011. 7min40sec. Animation.
This beautiful and poetic animation presents the magical formation of Japanese verses.
Sapporo Film Festival--Best Original Score

Dir. Isamu Hirabayashi. 2011. 3min15sec. Experimental.
Is life about a series of role-playing and the change of clothes?
Sapporo Film Festival--Best Mini Short. Best Contemporary, Experimental Short

Dir. Isamu Hirabayashi. 2011. 7min25sec. Animation.
Listen to a 66-year-old cicada tell its life story. Arduously crawling upwards, it proves its determination to live.

Dir. Albert Ventura. 2010. 29min. Drama.
Driven by the desire to win a thousand dollars, four people participate in a ten-minute psychological experiment.
Sapporo Film Festival-Best Screenplay

Soldier School
Dir. Saya Ito. 2012. 14min30sec. Animation.
Upon discovering the hidden agenda of his school, a sensitive teenager becomes plagued by his fears of war and dashes his dream of attending college.

Dir. Junichi Kanai. 2012. 20min. Drama.
What will happen when Youko, a mischievous and isolated schoolgirl, befriends the new transfer student?
Sapporo Film Festival--Best Director, Best National Short

Dir. Dean Yamada. 2009. 21min17sec. Drama.
Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways. Finding no meaning in his dull and lackluster life, a man is out of job and bewildered by a note “sent by God.”
Sapporo Film Festival--Best National Short
Premiered at the 66th Venice Film Festival


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New York Japan CineFest is supported in part by Redac, Brother International Corp. and Sapporo U.S.A.


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Sat 08 Jun 2013
4 - 6 p.m.
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY
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