Diwali Lights Up Asia Society: Family Day


Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year, is a time to celebrate good fortune, family and friendships. Celebrate with performances, and arts and crafts inspired by Diwali.

Schedule of events-

1:15 pm Indian Music with Raga Kids!
Led by music educators and performers Sameer Gupta (tabla), Trina Basu (violin) and Neel Murgai (sitar), Raga Kids is an incredible way to be introduced to the music of India! Raga Kids listen to Indian Classical instruments like Sitar and Tabla, learn about Indian music, and sing songs in English, Bengali and Hindi.
2:15 pm Bhangra and Bollywood Dance with Doonya Dance
Join Rohan Sheth and Aisha Russell of Doonya Dance with fun and energetic dance moves inspired by Bollywood and Bhangra dance!

3:15 pm Children's Stories from India
Enter a world of magic and imagination with Zaraawar Mistry, in his retelling of classic Indian myths and animal stories of the Panchatantra. These popular and entertaining stories encourage children to learn about Indian culture, wildlife, food and history.

All day activities: Arts and Crafts inspired by Diwali! 1 pm-4 pm

--During Diwali, people light small clay lamps called diyas to symbolize the light of knowledge and goodness. Make and decorate your own clay Diya to put by your window at night!
 --Yantras are magical shapes that can bring good health and happiness to all who see them. Ganesh and Lakshmi are gods that are important during the festival of Diwali. Make yantras that pay tribute to these special gods! With teacher Sarah Tomlinson.
 --Henna tattoos with Majestic Mehndi!
 --Bangle making
And more!

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Event Details

Sat 02 Nov 2013
1 - 4 p.m.
725 Park Ave, New York, NY
$5 students, seniors, children; $7 members (Dual Family members FREE); $12 nonmembers. Tickets available the day of event
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