Dharma River

John Bush. 2004. 81 min.

Part of the Journey into Buddhism Trilogy

"Viewers will be awed by this luminous world, so rarely seen in film."'Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Dharma is the Sanskrit word for universal law. Essential to Buddhist understanding, dharma is the natural order, a living truth, and a force for awakening. Dharma River is a lyrical and exquisite sensory journey through Southeast Asia's great spiritual and cultural treasures. Visiting the vanished civilizations, legendary sites and living wisdom traditions of Laos, Thailand, and Burma, Dharma River powerfully conveys their continuing relevance for contemporary audiences. Ancient temples, mystical landscapes, and wondrous shrines'many of them UNESCO world heritage sites'provide a rich visual tapestry. With a score of rare classical Southeast Asian music, this visual voyage masterfully illuminates artistic and devotional traditions. From the canals of Bangkok to the mountains of Laos, from the golden pagodas of Burma to the Mekong River, the film is a unique experience of sacred space.

The film will be introduced by the director.

Presented in conjunction with the Asia Society Museum exhibition Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art

Event Details

Fri 23 Apr 2010
2:45 PM - 4:45 PM
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY
Free admission. Seating is limited, and tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets can be picked up after 6:00 pm on the night of the screening.
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