The Art of Pilgrimage: Journeys of Faith and Discovery

Join us for an all-day, multi-disciplinary symposium including discussions with authors, and scholars on traditional and contemporary practices of pilgrimage.

Speakers include: Diana Eck, Harvard (keynote); Shalini Ayyagari, Dartmouth College; Perry Garfinkel, Buddha or Bust; filmmaker David Grubin, The Buddha; Rochelle Roca Hachem, UNESCO; Pico Iyer, The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home; Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania; Pankaj Mishra, An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World; D. Max Moerman, Barnard College; and Ch??n-fang Y??, Columbia University.

This program is organized in conjunction with the exhibition Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art, on view at Asia Society Museum through June 20, 2010.

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10:00 am
Michael Roberts, Asia Society New York Center

10:15 ' 11:00 am
Beginning in India: Sacred Geography and the Pilgrim Journey
Diana L. Eck, Harvard University

Session 1: Traces of the Past

11: 00 - 11:30 am
The Pilgrim's Map: India in the Japanese Buddhist Imagination
D. Max Moerman, Barnard College

11:30 am ' 12:00 pm
'Kalam' and 'Kafi' Betwixt and Between: Sufi Musical Repertoire as a Spatial Mediator in Hindu and Muslim Shrines (Rajasthan, India)
Shalini Ayyagari, Dartmouth College

12:00 - 12:30 pm
Famensi as a Contested Site of Pilgrimage and Tourism
Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania

12:30 ' 12:50 pm
Round Table
Moderated by Adriana Proser, Asia Society Museum

1:00 ' 2:00 pm
Lunch Break

Session 2: Pilgrimage and Contemporary Culture

2:00 ' 2:45 pm
Sacred Spaces: Practice and Preservation
Ch??n Fang Y??, Columbia University in conversation with Rochelle Roca Hachem, UNESCO

3:00 ' 3:30 pm
A New Kind of Spiritual Journey: The Buddha Film
David Grubin, filmmaker, in Conversation with Adriana Proser, Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art curator, Asia Society Museum

3:30 ' 4:00 pm
Pilgrimage East Meets Pilgrimage West
Perry Garfinkel, author

4:00 ' 4:30 pm
Pilgrimage for Today
Pankaj Mishra, author, in conversation with Mark Epstein, psychiatrist and author

4:30 ' 5:00 pm
Global Soul'A New View on the Spiritual Traveler
Pico Iyer, author, in conversation with Rachel Cooper, Director of Culture and Performing Arts, Asia Society

5:00 pm
Closing Remarks
Adriana Proser, Asia Society Museum

5:00 ' 6:00 pm
Exhibition and AsiaStore open

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Sat 17 Apr 2010
6:00 AM - 2:00 PM
725 Park Avenue, New York, NY
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