China and the Olympics: Opening Ceremony?

 Left to right: Clarence Kwan, Nicholas Platt (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

The Beijing Olympics Series

NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2008 - With the countdown to the Beijing Olympics underway, the Asia Society hosted the first in a series of programs examining the economic, political, social, and business implications the Olympics hold for China.

Representing both business and political perspectives, the panelists discussed the tremendous exposure the Olympics brings to China, providing it the opportunity to project itself as a global superpower and sports leader.

Not shying away from the sensitive issues, the speakers addressed the criticism surrounding human rights, Darfur, and the environment that has accompanied this exposure, underscoring Ambassador Platt's point that it has never been possible to divorce politics from the Olympics.


Clarence Kwan, National Managing Partner, Chinese Services Group, Deloitte and Touche USA LLP
Ambassador Nicholas Platt, President Emeritus, Asia Society
Shen Dingli, Director, Center for American Studies, Fudan University

Sheridan Prasso, Contributing Editor, FORTUNE

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