AsiaStore's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Can't figure out what to give friends and loved ones this holiday season? AsiaStore is here to help. Check out our gift guide that offers a range of Asia-related presents for every budget!

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Under $20:

How To Relax AsiaStore

How to Relax Book 

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh shares inspiration and clear, simple directions for exploring mindfulness meditation. With sections on healing, relief from nonstop thinking, transforming unpleasant sounds, solitude, being at peace, and more, How to Relax includes meditations to help you achieve the benefits of relaxation no matter where you are.


Ornament Feather Gold AsiaStore

Ornament Feather — Gold

Decorate your home with festive and unique ornaments shaped like bird feathers.




Travel Utensil Set AsiaStore

Travel Utensil Set — Blue

Go Green! Our eco-friendly cutlery kits are ready to be taken on the go to replace one-use spoons, forks, and chopsticks. Easy-fit and sturdy construction ensures the cutlery stays intact during use, while still being easy to deconstruct and pack when finished.



Feng Shui Cat AsiaStore

Feng Shui Cat – Gold

We can always use a little bit more luck! These fortune cats attract good fortune and harmony. This cat ornament is portable so you can attract luck wherever you go.

Under $50

Bracelet Yee AsiaStore

Bracelet Brass Deep — Blue

A solid brass charm handmade in Cambodia by local artists using traditional metalwork techniques 




Tea Warming Joy Petite Box AsiaStore

Tea Warming Joy Petite Box AsiaStore

Comforting holiday tea blends are festively donned to celebrate the spirit and joy of the season. Blends include Raspberry Ganache, Rum Raisin Biscotti, Spiced Ginger Plum, Winter Chai, and Ginger Snap.



Kokeshi doll AsiaStore

 Kokeshi Doll — Blue Black Flower

A unique, hand-painted wooden Kokeshi doll. Kokeshi dolls are said to bring peace, prosperity, and a sense of safety to the spaces that they occupy.



Glass Buddha AsiaStore

 Buddha Glass — Red Amber

A special glass Buddha designed by Chinese-American designer Lawrence Lane, who channels his creativity into the family business of decorative glass, capturing the shapes, colors, and lights of nature.



Under $100

Teapot Cast Iron Tetsubin Black AsiaStore

Teapot Cast Iron "Tetsubin" — Black

This cast iron style teapot emerged in 19th century China and became admired both for its subtle relief designs and its ability to brew the perfect pot of tea. The more you use your cast iron teapot the more flavorful your tea will become. 



Rosena Sammi AsiaStore

Bracelet — Sari Textile and Gold Accent

This set of upcycled sari bangles wrapped with a gold accent is designed Sri Lankan-American jewelry designer Rosena Sammi who combines her passion for jewelry with her love of history to create glamorous, seductive pieces reminiscent of the royal courts of India.


Jug Brass Hand Etched AsiaStore

Jug — Brass 

This hand-etched brass pitcher is a perfect addition to any entertainer's home.




Sari Scarf AsiaStore

Scarf Felted Sari — Turquoise/Green

This unique wool and silk vintage sari is handmade in Nepal by the socially-conscious design company Red Sari. Red Sari's mission is to create and sustain jobs for women in Nepal.




$100 and Up:

Quilt Blue Floral Vintage Kimono AsiaStore

Quilt — Blue Floral

A vintage, Japanese-made silk kimono quilt made from Tomesode Vintage Kimonos. A tomesode is the style of kimono that is worn to a wedding by a married female guest.




Necklace taupe AsiaStore

Olivia Long Necklace — Taupe

This cloth and wire necklace is one of designer Paula Pioquinto-Dimaano's signature handcrafted pieces she calls piesa — pieces of great substance. Each piesa is proof of her passion, lov, and creativity, translated to a wearable masterpiece of sophisticated weaves.




Skateboard Umbrella Geisha AsiaStore

Skateboard — Geisha w/ Umbrella

A unique hand-etched and hand-painted wooden skateboard deck crafted by Puerto Rican-Chinese designer Rafael Colon




Laquer Plate AsiaStore

Bamboo Plate — Cinnabar Pigment Bird Gold

Veronica Gritsenko's lacquer pieces use the lacquer arts technique traditionally found in Bagan, Myanmar, and also features modern colors and enhanced the quality that prevents cracking and breakage.