Video from New Voices

Watch interviews with members of the Advisory Council and Fellows for the New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters (NVFS). 

Anjum Rajabali, head of Advisory Council for New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters (NVFS), talks about the importance of a programme like NVFS, in a country like India. Anjum is the honorary Head of the department of Screenplay Writing at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and also heads the Screenwriting Department at Whistling Woods International. From Drohkaal to his most recent, Satyagraha, he is known for his dramatic scripts based on strong issues and subjects. Anjum is very active with the Film Writers Association Mumbai on issues concerning screenwriter education, rights, and status. (4 min., 36 sec.)

Claire Dobbin, a member of Advisory Council for NVFS, talks about the importance of a programme like NVFS, in a country like India. Claire is a script advisor and editor who works with development agencies and filmmakers across the world. Since 2003, Claire has been the Chair of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and its film investment fund. She is also the Deputy President of the International script workshop éQuinoxe Europe. (4 min., 14 sec.)

Mukti Krishan, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, on how a Programme like NVFS can help the aspiring writers in India. Mukti is an award-winning 3D Animation and VFX graduate from Vancouver Film School. Mukti has worked in the VFX departments of various Hollywood productions including: Disney's Tinkerbell and the Weinstein Brother's Hoodwinked. In 2011, to hone her skills as a filmmaker, Mukti completed a comprehensive Cinematography course from Whistling Woods International Film School, Mumbai. (1 min., 4 sec.)


Wasim Maner, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, talks about his experience of first workshop and the committed nature of NVFS Programme. Wasim learnt the art and craft of cinema through self-initiative and supportive workshops. Now he’s a trained cinematographer, writer, documentary film director and an instinctive graphic artist. (2 min., 24 sec.)


Rohini Mohan, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, on what inspired her to apply for NVFS programme. Rohini is a political journalist who's worked for more than a decade, writing on human rights for several publications including Al Jazeera, The New York Times, Tehelka, The Caravan, Economic Times, The Hindu and news channel CNN-IBN. Her first book, The Seasons of Trouble, is a nonfiction account on postwar Sri Lanka, and was published in 2014. (2 min.)


Bela Negi, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, talks about the need of women centric films in Indian context. Bela is a writer, director and producer with Nitric Films, a production house based in Mumbai. The social concerns of her writing have spilled into the area of real work with her trust Leafbird Foundation. Through her films she hopes to bring awareness and offer a perspective and through the trust work she hopes to catalyze a change with afforestation, education and livelihood programs which they run in very remote areas of Uttarakhand. (1 min., 20 sec.)


Srikanth Kumar Padhi, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, on what inspired him to apply for NVFS programme. Srikant completed a B. Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Odisha in 2009, after which he decided to pursue his passion for watching movies and writing stories and scripts by enrolling in a filmmaking course from Digital Academy, The Film School, Mumbai. His ultimate goal is to become a feature film screenwriter. (1 min., 27 sec.)


Anand Sachdev, one of the fellows for NVFS 2015/16, talks about the uniqueness and advantages of NVFS model over other such Programmes. Anand is a movie buff and his passion for movies led him to join the first batch of Anupam Kher's Academy called 'Writer Prepares'. There he learnt the art of writing full length movie stories and screenplay under the mentorship and guidance of National Award Winner - Satyanshu Singh. (1 min., 9 sec.)