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The NCLC Team is excited to announce the launch of NCLC Online – an extension of NCLC through a series of engaging webinars offered throughout the school year!

During NCLC 2019, participants rated breakout sessions via the NCLC App. The five top-rated breakout sessions were selected to present their content again through an online webinar. We invite you to join us for these sessions!

NCLC Online webinar sessions are free to participants, but pre-registration is required. Pre-registration link: Upon registration via the link, you will receive an email from “Chinese Initiatives, The College Board” with a link to join the event and a calendar meeting request.

Please join us at the first NCLC Online Session, scheduled on Friday, October 11, 7:00 – 8:30 PM EST.

Topic: Race, Sex, and Gender in the American Chinese Language Classroom

Presenters: Preston Sundin, Ye Ruan, Chu Hsi Tseng

Description: As awareness of racial inequality, sexual orientation, and gender identity increase among students, discussions about being sensitive and inclusive have taken center stage in American schools, including the Chinese classroom. As America grows more diverse and definitions of sex and gender evolve, how do Chinese teachers discuss traditional Chinese values, gender roles, or standards of beauty? What about feminist and LGBTQ+ issues or teaching a Chinese word that sounds like a racial slur in English? Panelists will share firsthand classroom experience, from planning discussions to turning uncomfortable moments into teachable opportunities, and also share stories from students on how race, sexual orientation or gender identity influenced their Chinese studies.

This session has two main goals. First, through sharing firsthand classroom experiences, the panelists hope to raise awareness around potentially sensitive issues regarding race, sex, and gender in the American Chinese classroom so that teachers are not caught unaware. Second, the panelists will propose some successful strategies for not only responding to issues after they arise but also for anticipating them and creating lesson plans that intentionally incorporate topics of race, sex, and gender into the Chinese language curriculum. Participants will leave with concrete teaching strategies as well as a better appreciation of how embracing the growing complexity of linguistic and cultural comparisons in the American Chinese classroom can enrich the language learning experience for students and better prepare them to be global citizens in the 21st century.

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