As U.N. General Assembly Meets, Cracks in US-China Ties

“With China playing an ever larger and more assertive role in Asian regional and world affairs, and in the process spooking many of its neighbors, this year's United National General Assembly meetings will be an important barometer of shifting global politics,” says Asia Society Executive Vice President Jamie Metzl. “Although the so-called pax-Americana that has played the key role in promoting peace, security and prosperity over the past six and a half decades still holds, China's rise and America's seeming paralysis are straining the existing order as never before, and major cracks are beginning to emerge. With the international, human rights and nuclear proliferation movements on life-support, this year's UNGA will tell us a lot about whether China is willing to assume its role as a responsible steward of the existing international system or as a free rider taking advantage of the benefits of an open system but not doing enough to help address the region's and the world's biggest challenges.”

Jamie, who is in New York, has worked for the United Nations, U.S. National Security Council, and U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and can help put the UNGA process into a national and global context.

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Also, information on events at Asia Society New York related to the U.N. session -- including talks by the foreign ministers of Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India -- is here.