Wins Museum Store Association Award for Best Web Presence

Congratulations to for winning the Museum Store Association (MSA) 2015 award for best web presence. MSA “strongly believes in recognizing outstanding achievement and dedication in the field of cultural commerce.” Their awards program “acknowledges the essential role that nonprofit retail professionals…play in the success of cultural institutions.”

The award was presented at the MSA Retail Conference, an annual event aimed at helping and recognizing nonprofit retail professionals who are contributing to their institution’s brand and enhancing the experience of their visitors. was recognized for best web presence “based on collaboration, innovation, customer-need orientation and responsiveness, quality and service.”

Anne Godshall, Chief Merchandising Officer for AsiaStore, attended the event in Hartford, CT. “I am honored that AsiaStore has been recognized by MSA for the efforts to translate our unique brick-and-mortar presence into a dynamic online shopping experience that effectively showcases our Asian designers and authors and provides insight into their creative process.”

“AsiaStore is a unique enterprise building bridges between Asia's artisans and world markets,” said Asia Society President and CEO Josette Sheeran. “We have sought to make a truly unique integrated platform which honors both the artisans and their work."

AsiaStore at Asia Society and Museum in New York launched its new online store in December 2014.’s updated online presence is designed to capture the dynamic retail environment of AsiaStore, the renowned decorative arts boutique at Asia Society Museum in New York City. With a commitment to featuring the renowned brands of Asia and promoting emerging design talent, AsiaStore is at the forefront of presenting the best in Asian design and literature. AsiaStore is located at 725 Park Avenue (at 70th Street), New York City, tel. 212-327-9217. AsiaStore is open daily 11am-6pm, Friday until 9pm. Find out more at and connect with AsiaStore on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.