Which planet, animal, color, and element correspond to your birthdate — and what do they say about your personality? Below, discover your Myanmar zodiac sign and more with the help of our handy tool, which was inspired by the ancient astrological Mahabote chart.

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"Myanmar astrology has been around since even before the birth of Buddha," says Myanmar astrology expert Saya Aung Pai. "Most of the Myanmar monks know Mahabote since they learned it as part of their training in monasteries."

The eight planets of the Myanmar zodiac each represent unique characteristics and dominant energies of a person.

  • Sunday - Sun/Garuda: Independent, Ambitious, Authoritative
  • Monday - Moon/Tiger: Idealistic, Loving, Creative
  • Tuesday - Mars/Lion: Strong, Courageous, Action-Oriented
  • Wednesday (before noon) - Mercury/Elephant: Intellectual, Communicative, Travel-Oriented
  • Wednesday (after noon) - Rahu/Tuskless Elephant: Versatile, Unconventional
  • Thursday - Jupiter/Mouse: Truthful, Philosophical, Objective
  • Friday - Venus/Guinea Pig: Artistic, Affectionate, Spontaneous
  • Saturday - Saturn/Dragon: Responsible, Disciplined, Structured

The information provided here is inspired by the Myanmar Mahabote chart, but is not a full representation. In a full Mahabote chart, the planets are placed in different "houses," and their placement offers a more in-depth analysis on your personality traits and how to optimize them.


Saya Aung Pai (New York), astrologer
May Pwint Thair Chu

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A Myanmar zodiac painting from Bagan.