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U.S.-China Relations

This year's National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, which kicks off on October 16, is set to be one of the most consequential Party gatherings in decades. General Secretary Xi Jinping is primed to secure an unprecedented third five-year term as president, breaking a set of norms and rules within the Chinese political system. In this video, Jing Qian of the Center for China Analysis, breaks down what makes this 20th Party Congress so historic, and identifies the key players to watch.
As geopolitics heats up in the region, superpowers would be wise to listen to their Pacific Island counterparts.
Groundbreaking producer Janet Yang talks about her teenage visit to Mao-era China, making movies with Spielberg, and the current state of U.S.-China cultural exchange.
Kevin Rudd talks to Ian Bremmer about why he doesn't think a catastrophic conflict between the United States and China is inevitable.
Los Angeles Beijing Bureau Chief Alice Su discusses the state of journalism in China, the specific challenges she faced as she reported stories in 2020, and more.
The director of Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations talks with Mary Kay Magistad about his six decades observing China, in an episode celebrating the launch of the third edition of Asia Society Magazine.
Orville Schell reflects on a life spent trying to make sense of China.
What was supposed to be a year of recovery brought forth fresh challenges — in Asia and beyond.
In the first year under President Biden, the U.S. and China began re-engaging on climate. But what really matters is whether this will now translate into joint action.
Did 2020 mark an end of 'one country, two systems'? A look back at the 1997 handover suggests the writing was already on the wall.
The Asia Society Policy Institute president discusses the dangerous year — and decade — ahead for the world's most important bilateral relationship with Tom Nagorski.