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Long anticipated, a sweeping crackdown on corruption has some officials too nervous to start new infrastructure projects, procure medical equipment, and more.
While the World Cup host faces a flurry of criticism, Maryam Alsubaiey explains why she remains cautiously optimistic about the potential for lasting positive change in her home country.
Neighbor to a superpower, India’s foreign policy has long been one of treading lightly. Under Narendra Modi that has begun to change.
As Sri Lanka has lurched from crisis to crisis, lasting improvement has been hard to come by. But with increasing talk of systemic change, the drama of 2022 could prove a turning point.
Long lumped into a single box of victimhood, the women of Afghanistan are trying to reclaim their identity.
As geopolitics heats up in the region, superpowers would be wise to listen to their Pacific Island counterparts.
What are the stakes for China, India, and other countries in Asia?
A Pulitzer Prize-winning Afghan photographer shares the last batch of images he took in his homeland — before he fled to save his life.
Countries and companies are scrambling to adjust to a world where the pandemic, geopolitics, and other factors have upended traditional paradigms.