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Climate Change

Asia Society Magazine takes a look inside the Oscar-nominated short film, “The Elephant Whisperers,” which captures the very special bond between humans and animals.

In an interview with Indian filmmaker Kartiki Gonsalves, she talks about her 5-year journey documenting the story of an indigenous couple that raises orphaned baby elephants in South India.

The film raises the larger issue around Asian elephants losing their habitat due to human encroachment and climate change, while also showing the beautiful relationship of a human caretaker helping a baby elephant survive.
An excerpt from Abby Seiff's book Troubling the Water: A Dying Lake and a Vanishing World in Cambodia, with photographs by Roun Ry
In the first year under President Biden, the U.S. and China began re-engaging on climate. But what really matters is whether this will now translate into joint action.
From Afghanistan to Zhengzhou, these are the stories that defined 2021 across the continent.
A look back at 2020
A miner-turned-photographer reflects on life in China’s coal country.
China, South Korea, and Japan have made huge strides in lowering domestic coal consumption and greening their energy sources. So why are they funding billions of dollars' worth of coal plants in poorer countries?
A worsening climate is destroying how people farm, fish, and forage across Asia. No longer able to scratch a living from the land, the continent’s poorest are increasingly seeking work abroad — and finding themselves ever more vulnerable to the dangers that follow.