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Asian Americans

On September 9, 2023, Lunar New Year became a public school holiday in NY State, thanks to NYC Councilwoman Sandra Ung's efforts.
Asia Society Magazine spoke with four Asian American artists who performed at Head in the Clouds New York — Paravi, P-Lo, Spence Lee, and Yeek — to hear about their journeys into their music career as Asian Americans and the significance of performing at a music festival celebrating Asian culture and representation.
In an Asia Society Magazine interview with historian Ellen Wu, she goes through the key historical moments that led to the origin of #AAPI month and how it became an official celebration of the important contributions of the AAPI community to American history, society, and culture.
In 2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Iranian American artist Afruz Amighi was confronted with the weight of death — or as she describes “a very dense presence in the air, a canopy of spirits that I felt were just sort of hovering and lingering around.”

With these thoughts in mind, Amighi set out to work on her latest installation titled “Spirit Canopy.” Inspired by the ancient practice of offering food for the deceased in Zoroastrianism, the artist created a landscape of chain sculptures suspended from the ceiling, representing the loss felt in the face of death.
The first musical to embrace Korean culture was a celebration of the Asian community, but the Broadway show shuttered after just two weeks.
‘KPOP’ made history when it opened on Broadway as the first musical about Korean pop culture, showcasing songs by the first Asian female composer on Broadway. Its closure after just two weeks has been heartbreaking among the Asian American community.
Journalist CeFaan Kim recounts what it was like to report stories of violence against Asian Americans during the height of the pandemic.
Over the course of the pandemic, Asian Americans faced a surge of violence and racist attacks across the country. CeFaan Kim, an Asian American journalist in New York City, reported heavily on such attacks.

Speaking to Asia Society Magazine, Kim reflects on what it was like to report stories of violence during the height of the pandemic and what kinds of changes he hopes to see going forward.
Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani has spent years documenting New York's Bangladeshi American community.
With ‘Ms. Marvel,’ Oscar winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy makes the jump to the small screen — to tell a big story.
Groundbreaking producer Janet Yang talks about her teenage visit to Mao-era China, making movies with Spielberg, and the current state of U.S.-China cultural exchange.
The public health expert discusses her journey from childhood poverty to a career in public health — and why she doesn't shy away from controversy.