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Asia Society Magazine takes a look inside the Oscar-nominated short film, “The Elephant Whisperers,” which captures the very special bond between humans and animals.

In an interview with Indian filmmaker Kartiki Gonsalves, she talks about her 5-year journey documenting the story of an indigenous couple that raises orphaned baby elephants in South India.

The film raises the larger issue around Asian elephants losing their habitat due to human encroachment and climate change, while also showing the beautiful relationship of a human caretaker helping a baby elephant survive.
In 2021, the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Iranian American artist Afruz Amighi was confronted with the weight of death — or as she describes “a very dense presence in the air, a canopy of spirits that I felt were just sort of hovering and lingering around.”

With these thoughts in mind, Amighi set out to work on her latest installation titled “Spirit Canopy.” Inspired by the ancient practice of offering food for the deceased in Zoroastrianism, the artist created a landscape of chain sculptures suspended from the ceiling, representing the loss felt in the face of death.

Amighi plays with light and shadow to give viewers the experience of intermingling their shadows with the shadows of the spirits cast on the wall. With skeleton keys and cranes in the installation, Amighi evokes imagery of the brutality of the Islamic Republic of Iran and honors those who have passed.
‘KPOP’ made history when it opened on Broadway as the first musical about Korean pop culture, showcasing songs by the first Asian female composer on Broadway. Its closure after just two weeks has been heartbreaking among the Asian American community.
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"It will be overwhelming to live through the pandemic and then have to watch it, hear it, listen to it, and read it."