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Chef Pichet Ong's unique aerated goat cheese confection rolled in walnut cookie crumbs and garnished with seasonal fruit. (Philippe Chery/Asia Society)

Video: Chef Pichet Ong Walks the Fine Line Between Sweet and Savory

Step into the kitchen with Brooklyn-based Chinese chef Pichet Ong and learn how his childhood inspires him to create delectable savory and sweet dishes. more
Masala dosas at Saravana Bhaavan in New York City. (Pei Ketron/

Multimedia: Chitra Agrawal on Making, and Finding, Good South Indian Vegetarian Food

Food writer/blogger Chitra Agrawal tells Asia Society what makes up the essentials of her South Indian vegetarian palette and explains appeal of this diverse regional cuisine. more
Take a step-by-step look at how we create our classic, refreshing, Asia-inspired drink, served only at Asia Society. (Tahiat Mahboob/Asia Society)

Video: How to Make a Leotini, Asia Society's Signature Martini

It's shaken, not stirred — but it's not a Bond martini! Take a step-by-step look at how we create our classic, refreshing, Asia-inspired drink, served only at Asia Society. more
Cho Dang Gol in midtown Manhattan, New York City. (Gabi Porter)

Photos: New Guidebook Picks Best Korean Food in New York City

The author of an authoritative new guide to New York City's Korean restaurants shares the "dish" on his favorite picks. more
British football player David Beckham shows his tattoo to fans during his visit to Peking University on March 24, 2013 in Beijing, China. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Video: Is David Beckham's Chinese Tattoo a Statement of Confucian Philosophy?

David Beckham hasn't had good luck with foreign-language tattoos in the past, but this one isn't bad, says an Asia Society language expert. more
A fan enjoys his tempura in the Osaka baseball stadium. (wallyg/Flickr)

Photos: As Japan's Baseball Season Kicks Off, A Look at What Fans Are Eating

As baseball season kicks off in Asia's most baseball-crazy country, we take a look at Japan's version of hot dogs and pretzels. more
Engin Akyürek in action during an episode of the Turkish soap opera Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?. (YouTube)

Turkish Soap Operas and the Pakistani Mothers Who Watch Them

I was clueless why my mother, from her home in Karachi via Skype, suddenly started calling my two-year-old son “Engin.” His name is Elias. She revealed that this was a tribute to her current favorite actor, Engin Akyurek of Turkey. more
Chef Simpson Wong's Lobster Egg Foo Young, named one of the top eight dishes by The New York Times in 2012. (Tahiat Mahboob/Asia Society)

Video: Watch Chef Simpson Wong Cook His Famous Lobster Egg Foo Young

Step into the kitchen with New York-based Malaysian chef Simpson Wong and learn the inspiration behind his "Asian locavore" restaurant Wong. more
The first batch of "Peace Rickshaws" sponsored by Pakistan Youth Alliance, ready to hit the road in Karachi. (Pakistan Youth Alliance)

Photos: 'Peace Rickshaws' Promote Colorful Message of Tolerance in Pakistan

The Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) is on a mission to use a very visible form of street art to counter the intolerance, and worse, being spread by right-wing groups in Pakistan. more