The Singapore Difference

Higlighting Singapore's competitive advantages, Singapore Tourism Board Regional Director Soo Siew Keong discusses the promising outlook for tourism in his country. (2 min., 18 sec.)

SEOUL, June 23, 2011 — In an exclusive apparearance with Asia Society Korea Center, Singapore Tourism Board Regional Director of North Asia Soo Siew Keong spoke about the Tourism Board's exceptional results for 2010 and the promising outlook for its tourism in the future.

As Soo explained, 2011 has also been an outstanding year for tourism in the Southeast Asian city-state. In this time, Singapore welcomed an all-time high of 11.6 million visitors and its tourism receipts rose by 49% to hit a record of $18.8 billion.

Finally, Soo enumerated the many steps Singapore is taking to sustain its growth momentum, in particular its looking out for new tourism concepts and developments which will add diversity to its current landscape of attractions.

For more information on the Singapore Tourism Board, please contact:

Mr. Boey Khing How
Area Director, Korea