Search & Correct Campaign

DMZ English Error

1. Program Outline

“Search & Correct Campaign” is to detect English errors from palaces, museums, historical sites, and their guide books, or to find places where the English guide is required, but does not have any of foreign language services. The campaign will gather up the errors, send those findings to relevant institutes with proofs and corrections, and monitor the process until the errors are corrected. We welcome those who are interested in promoting Korean culture correctly, and those who have felt the necessity of posting correct English on public notices.

2. Process of the Campaign

- Report English errors: picture of English errors on public places (i.e. historical sites or transportation stations)

- Recommend corrections to relevant facilities: send the pictures of findings and corrections to relevant institutes (i.e. historical sites to Cultural Heritage Administration, transportation stations to Seoul City Hall)

- Monitor processes and changes: the process will be posted online with regular report

- Archive information and publish annual report: the process of all works will be archived and published into Asia Society Korea’s annual report with volunteers’ credits.