Online Virtual Student Discussions: Korean Students' Wishlist for the New U.S. Government

Students gathered at the American Center Korea of the U.S. Embassy Seoul to share their thoughts on the future of the U.S.-Korea relations.

The Asia Society Korea Center hopes to convene leaders from the public and private sectors to address relevant issues before an audience that includes the Center’s contributors and members, as well as Korea’s corporate, cultural, media and civic leaders. We look to introduce innovative programming concepts that serve to foster open debate and civil discourse on various issues as well as social responsibilities in Korean society. This online virtual discussions and presentations will help connect Korean university students around the world and give them a platform to voice their opinions and thoughts for the new U.S. government.



1. The program will be an opportunity to reinforce the progressive ties between the U.S. Embassy Seoul and the Asia Society Korea Center by hosting such student discussions prior to the US Presidential election.
2. These discussions will focus around potential Korea-U.S. relations after the election in 2017. Students will have the chance to share their perspectives and opinions on future decision-making in regards to foreign policy.
3. Immigration has also been a hot topic during the race to the presidency and we will look to compare issues in America with those on the Korean Peninsula.
4. This dialogue also aims to bring together powerful & creative minds to learn and pursue ideas.
5. In addition, philanthropy is a particularly important issue where we need to educate young people in Korea.

How You Can Participate:

Students may talk about varying aspects of the U.S. election that may concern Korea. For example, philanthropy, terrorism, security, immigration reform, education or the future of U.S-Korea relations would all be suitable topics. The style of video is up to the participant; the only criterion is that the individual should appear in the clip. It can be a “selfie-style” video using an outstretched arm or selfie stick or it may be filmed by another person. Other creative ways are also welcome as submissions. The following are recommended steps when making the video:

1) Brief introduction of yourself (optional) - However, we will need your name, title and affiliation as well as contact information for our own records.
2) a) Encourage other students to participate in this project, and/or b) Make a wish list for the new Government
3) Time limit: Maximum 60 seconds
4) Language: Either Korean or English

Deadline to be included in the preview video: September 16th, 2016.