Onjeum, Researching Korean Culture

Onjeum is a research institute established in 2013 in affiliation with Arumjigi Culture Keepers. Its mission is to explore the aesthetics of traditional Korean culture by creating the finest clothing, food, and housing based upon in-depth research. The name, Onjeum, means ultimate determination to take care of the cultural heritage of Korea, building upon it with integrity and sincerity. Onjeum upholds the heritage of traditional architecture, clothing, and cuisine; and promotes understanding of these through various programs in the spirit of sharing Onjeum's mission with the larger community.

Onjeum proudly presents the beauty of Korea and intends to take advantage of apprenticeships and formal education to satisfy today’s demands. By producing and showing high-quality results, Onjeum has given experts in architecture, design, food, and crafts renewed inspiration. It will continue to run existing programs and will establish a practical training system with master artisans in the fields of clothing, food, and housing. It also aims to provide highly specialized consultation in each field. In short, Onjeum intends to explore authenticity more deeply in the future in order to sustain public interest in tradition.

Photos and article courtesy of Onjeum.