웬디 커틀러 (Wendy Cutler) 아시아소사이어티 정책연구소 (ASPI) 부소장은 금주 NPR의 아리 샤피로 (Ari Shapiro)와 미국 대표단의 목표에 관해 대화를 나눴다. 
2018년은 아시아에서 많은 일들이 있었던 해였다. 2019년에는 아시아에서 무슨 일들을 기대하면 좋을지에 대해 아시아소사이어티 멤버들의 고견을 들어본다.
Asia Society Korea caught up with Ambassador Abdul Hakim Atarud to share some thoughts on Afghan-Korean relations.
Asia Society Korea organized its last cooking class of the year on December 9, 2018 in cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy and the Lotte Culture Center.
This traditional decorative design, known as Najeonchilgi, has a 2,000-year heritage; however, it has been gradually decaying from existence.
Asia Society Korea held its November 2018 Monthly Luncheon with H.E. Nguyen Vu Tu, Ambassador of the Embassy of Vietnam.
Given that Seoul is a megaicty, it is understandable that some important sites go unnoticed. Hwangungu Shrine, located in Jung-gu, is one example.
You may not have noticed Binyeo, a dazzling Korean traditional ornamental hairpin that varies in its material, shape, and color. 
The eighth edition of Asia Society Korea’s Travel Series will see us step back in time once more to educate ourselves on another part of the peninsula’s expansive history.
Asia Society Korea held its October 2018 Monthly Luncheon with H.E. Harry Harris, Ambassador of the U.S. Embassy Seoul.

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