Mexico: The Country with Many Faces

Martha Ortiz De Rosas, Mexico's Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

SEOUL, May 17, 2011 — In a presentation entitled "Mexico: The Country with Many Faces," H.E. Martha Ortiz De Rosas, the Ambassador of Mexico to the Republic of Korea, shared the spectrum of Mexico's culture, culinary, heritage and economy at Asia Society Korea Center's monthly luncheon.

Mexico has successfully kept its environment standards up to having the fourth-largest biodiversity ranking in the world, and is further planning to protect the environment by lowering CO2 levels and expanding renewable energy industries. According to Ambassador De Rosas, Mexico has an installed capacity to generate 1,924 megawatts of power based on renewable energy sources, which could generate sufficient light in Panama for 40 years.

Economically, Mexico has developed many new industries in recent decades, in such varied areas as aerospace, automotive and the IT industry. In addition, Amb. De Rosas pointed out how extensive deregulation has efficiently fostered competitiveness and increased productivity; as a result, Mexico has showed significant growth in its GDP, FDI, employment and economic stability rate. The Ambassador further alluded to ambitious reform plans on the current government's agenda such as the public pension system, fiscal and tax, energy sector, and telecommunications.

As a member of G20, Mexico plays an important role in both regional and international level by actively participating in multilateral forums and in also hosting the G20 conference in 2012. In the Ambassador's view, her country is following its own path of growth through the attraction of global investments, the liberalization of trade and the development of key industries, in order to face the new challenges that the 21st century poses.

At the conclusion of her address, the Ambassador remarked that Mexico will maintain its place in the international arena by promoting collective actions on such matters as climate change, international financial governance, and international peace and cooperation, among others.