[Education] Search and Correct Campaign Launching Ceremony


In partnership with the Asia 21 Korea Chapter, Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, and Herald Media, Asia Society Korea Center launched the Search and Correct Campaign (SCC) in August 2012. On August 1, the Korea Center held launching ceremony of the campaign at Seoul Museum of History with distinguished guests including H.E. Hong-Koo Lee, Honorary Chairman, Asia Society Korea Center, H.E. Aram B. Cisneros Naylor, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Panama, and Gitae Park, Director, Voluntary Agency Network of Korea. The SCC has two core projects: the textbook correction project and the Korean-English translation correction project with project objectives such as the following:


  • Find topics that are current, relevant and interesting to the Korean society at large;
  • Maximize the unique strengths of our members to enhance cultural education with a multidisciplinary approach;
  • Encourage and support properly guided cultural exchanges that bring Korean and foreign communities closer together;
  • Promote collective efforts of many Koreans and representatives of the international community to exponentially enrich the process of building a global Korea;
  • Build a leading network of young Korean leaders focused on creating solutions to shared challenges, developing partnerships with educational institutions in order to share the best ideas about education, and strengthen relationships with cultural and governmental organizations to increase the availability of public resources; and
  • Greatly improve dialogue and relations amongst the various communities in Korea and beyond.


Your Participation will bring invaluable insight and energy into this project. Join us!



More about the Search and Correct Campaign:

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Wed 01 Aug 2012
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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