Asia Society Korea's 10th Anniversary Programs

Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit

Voice of Youth (VOY)

Asia Society Korea recognizes the need to prepare students for a future that requires an ability to analyze, form opinions, and come up with solutions to global issues. Our new project Voice of Youth (VOY) will support the students who wish to research topics that go beyond a regular school curriculum. During the project, students will conduct their own research on issues related to Korea and Asia under the guidance of prominent Asia Society members. Following the research, students will present their findings at a forum where we will welcome distinguished guests from both the private and public sectors.



DMZ English Error

Search and Correct Campaign (SCC)

Search and Correct Campaign (SCC) was first launched in August 2012 in collaboration with the Asia 21 Korea Chapter. In Korea, we often encounter English in conversation, entertainment, or advertising; but due to a lack of spelling, grammar, or semantics, we often end up with an incorrect form of English. Asia Society Korea’s SCC will incorporate two core projects: the textbook correction campaign; and the Korean-English translation correction project. The campaign’s goal is to locate and correct inaccuracies in English in public places, learning resources, or Korean school textbooks with the aim of avoiding confusion or misinterpretations between Korea and people from other cultural backgrounds.