Asia 21 Korea Chapter


The Asia 21 Korea Chapter aims to be a high-profile organization that identifies and pools together talented, young, Korean leaders for global exposure and interface. Through the design and execution of programs that foster leadership and contribute to civil society, members of the Asia 21 Korea Chapter will strive to be a diverse platform for international and national dialogues. In doing so, the Korea Chapter stands as an active gateway for engagement into the cultural, political, business, education, social, and technological issues that affect Korea, the Asia Pacific, and its partners worldwide.


Eddie Suk Hyun Kang

Vice Chairman

Sean Sea-Yeon Kim


Bora Kim
Je-Wook Lee
Hyun Sang Cho
Karoline Jinah Kim
Mark Tetto
Steve Seungjoon Jung
Hae-Il Jung
Mina Jumgmin Choi
Chul Won CHEY
Il Young Yun
Ryan Jung Wook Hong
Mi-Young Kim
Ha Ra Kang