Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST) | Breakfast #2 Wendy Cutler

 Wendy Cutler

Friday, 1 February 2019

The International House of Japan


[Guest Speaker]

Wendy Cutler

Vice President, Asia Society Policy Institute

Asia Society Japan Center was delighted to host a second Asia Society Policy Salon Tokyo (ASPST) breakfast meeting with guest speaker Wendy Cutler, currently the Vice President and Managing Director, Washington, D.C. Office of Asia Society Policy Institute. Ms. Cutler worked for the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) as a diplomat and negotiator for nearly thirty years.

Ms. Cutler’s initial remarks covered a broad range of topics on from U.S.-China trade dispute: expected developments toward March 1 deadline, key issues in Japan-US trade negotiations, and implications of U.S. withdrawal from the TPP.  All topics were analyzed and discussed in depth.

Participants engaged in a lively conversation with Ms. Cutler about: President Trump and Prime Minister Abe’s ties and negotiation style; the linkages between trade policies and domestic politics in the U.S., and the global economic cost of trade disputes and trade wars.


[L-R] James Kondo and Wendy Cutler

Further reading recommendations made by Ms. Cutler.

Kevin Rudd (2019) The Avoidable War: Reflections on U.S.-China Relations and the End of Strategic Engagement, Asia Society Policy Institute

Wendy Cutler and Hyemin Lee (2019) “Advancing the U.S.-Korea Economic Agenda,” Asia Society Policy Institute