Asia Society Japan Welcomes Asia Society Global Trustees during the Asia Innovation Caravan Tour

March 20, 2019

On the day of the cherry blossoms’ first bloom, Asia Society Japan Center Founding Members welcomed the Asia Society global trustees to International House of Japan, during the Asia Innovation Caravan.

The trustees and the Founding Members gathered for refreshments in the garden followed by lunch. It was the first networking opportunity since the public launch on October 30 that Japan Center Founding Members had with the global trustees.  Asia Society Lulu and Anthony Wang President and CEO Ambassador Josette Sheeran led the trustee group for the 4 day visit to Japan.  At lunch, Founding Member, Tak Niinami welcomed guests through his personal experiences recently when he truly felt “east met west” through respect and mutual understanding.  An active Q&A session with Takashi Kudo of teamLab followed.  James Kondo, Representative Director of Japan Center and the current Chairman of International House then engaged in a “fireside chat” with Chizuru Suga, head of Center of Fourth Industrial Revolution, Japan Center, a new generation leader.

During the Caravan, the global trustees embarked on a trip meeting with leading politicians as Masahiko Shibayama (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Asia 21 fellow) and Shinjiro Koizumi, business leaders, scientists, technologists, economists, artists, next generation entrepreneurs who are leading the innovations in Japan today.