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The International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) works with schools across the United States to prepare globally competent students who are ready for college, career, and life. Twentieth-century assumptions about the world are obsolete. Globalization, the digital revolution, mass migration, and the prospect of climate instability are triggering new concerns and demanding a new kind of graduate. We are recasting our understanding of economics, communication, security, cultural identity, citizenship, and the environment. The global challenges—and opportunities—that face our youth after graduation demand a more powerful, relevant, and self-directed learning that will prepare them to live, compete, and collaborate in new ways.

We must prepare our students to be globally competent.

Learn more about how we help students graduate ready for college and globally competent through our graduate profile and the benchmarks throughout elementary and secondary school education. The tools are free for you to use. 

In order to develop a school’s capacity to prepare globally competent students, ISSN partners in a variety of ways to support teachers and school leaders, including:

  • On-site coaching for school leaders and teachers (implementation of our professional development modules)
  • Resources and tools for teachers to use in their curriculum, assessment, and instruction strategies
  • Teacher workshops on Performance Assessment for Global Competence
  • Site visits (a team from ISSN—including leaders from other network schools—conducts a 3-day assessment of your school’s progress on the continuum of providing a global education)
  • Network leadership meetings (held twice a year)
  • Network educator conference (annual event)
  • Electronic platform for teacher collaboration and resources

Learn more about all of our resources and services by contacting the Education Partnerships team at edpartnerships@asiasociety.org.

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