Rules and Regulations

  1. All submission material should be in English or Hindi. Please refer to the "How to Apply" page for further information.
  2. Collaborative stories by two writers will be accepted. However, the Fellowship will only accept one collaborator per application. Please designate one of the writers as the primary contact. The other collaborator can attend the workshops, but no expenses of the second collaborator will be borne by Asia Society.
  3. One applicant can submit up to two stories. However, even if both stories qualify, only one will be selected. 
  4. The seven selected Fellows will sign a legal contract with Asia Society so they have a formal undertaking of the Fellowship. However, in case of any unforeseen situation or if a Fellow does not fulfill his or her responsibilities, then he/she must return the entire stipend money to Asia Society.
  5. The Fellowship has been designed bearing in mind that the selected candidates may be working professionals and they can therefore maintain their professional responsibilities during the course of the Fellowship.
  6. Selected Fellows will receive a stipend of Rs.2,00,000. 25% of the money will be released at the beginning of the project, 25% on completion of five months and the remaining 50% on successful completion of the Fellowship.
  7. The residential workshops will be held in Khandala, Maharashtra, with dates to be announced shortly.
  8. The travel and accommodation costs for Fellows outside of Mumbai will be borne by Asia Society for the second workshop.
  9. The workshops will be held over a period of five days, and Asia Society will ensure that the final dates are announced well in advance so selected fellows can plan accordingly.
  10. The copyright to the story and the first three pages of the script will be the sole responsibility of the writer. Please do not submit another person's work as your own. In case of copyright infringement, neither Asia Society nor any grantor/sponsor will be liable and the application will be rejected.
  11. The applicant should have the rights to all the material used and permission to use the same, if borrowed from any source.
  12. Until and unless the final deliverable, i.e. second draft of the complete formatted script with dialogue is submitted to Asia Society at the end of the Fellowship programme, the Fellows will not be at liberty to pitch any of the material developed under the Fellowship to any professional producer/director/screenwriter/film financer.
  13. Asia Society acquires no rights to the screenplay developed during the Fellowship programme or to the script submitted as a writing sample. This Fellowship is an endeavour for aspiring and talented individuals to develop an original, interesting and technically sound screenplay.
  14. Neither Asia Society nor any grantor/sponsor undertakes to participate in its marketing or in any other aspects of the scripts' commercial future in connection with the Fellowship Programme.
  15. If your contact information or eligibility status changes after having sent the application, please update your contact details with us immediately so you do not miss any Fellowship updates.
  16. The New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters may not be held concurrently with other fellowships or any other similar programme.
  17. Selected NVFS Fellows cannot apply to the Fellowship again.