Reena Kallat: Rubber Stamps and Sculptures

Reena Kallat, artist

MUMBAI, June 29, 2013 - Ms. Kallat began her studio tour by talking about her upbringing and artistic development, showing her work from the 1990s up to the present. She discussed one of the key turning points in her work in 2002, when she started incorporating rubber stamps into her sculptures. During that time, as she recalled, "Mumbai was a city plagued by rural-urban migration. It was a city of outsiders, coming from every background, every class, every ethnicity imaginable, and with tensions within the urban space, the city was boiling with resistance to outsiders." The rubber stamps used for her art were engraved with the names of people from different religions throughout India, and were a vehicle to stress the inclusion of diverse identities and make a plea for mutual tolerance and respect.

Reported by Susan Hapgood, Arts & Culture Consultant, Asia Society India Centre

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