New Music From The Ends Of The Silk Route

MUMBAI, 28 January 2017- The Aga Khan Music Initiative and the Asia Society India Centre came together to produce a brilliant event showcasing the galvanizing musical traditions and cultural diffusions of the Silk Road. The performance, “New Music from the Ends of the Silk Road” was a dazzling display of musicians with instruments from Italy, Syria, Afghanistan, and China coming together to create a great confluence of exhilarating music, blending East and West and ancient and modern to stunning effect. The Agha Khan Music Initiative is a group that seeks to preserve and share the enchanting music produced by various cultures and societies along the route of the Silk Road, a legendary example of cultural diffusion and the melding of different perspectives and ideas into brilliant expression.

Held at the recently renovated Royal Opera House of Mumbai, the enthralling music reverberated through the hall magnificently, transfixing the audience until bringing them to their feet for a standing ovation at the conclusion of the performance. The night built on Asia Society’s long, well established history of serving as a platform for a wide variety of artistic and cultural expression.

Reported by: Brian L Osgood, Programme Assistant Intern, Asia Society India Centre