How To Apply

Applications are now closed for the 2015-2016 edition of NVFS. 

The Fellowship is open only to Indian Citizens residing in India, above 18 years of age.

Please email your dossier with the following documents to There is also an option of sending the documents by post. Do mention NVFS 2015-2016 on the envelope. An incomplete application without all of the required documents will not be accepted.

  • Application Form: Interested applicants may download the form HERE.
  • Covering Note: We would like to know who you are. Please send us a short note on your motivations for applying to this fellowship. Do mention if you have done any screenwriting–related work, written for newspapers, magazines, etc., or other creative work you may have undertaken. No more than 1 page, please.
  • The Story: Word limit: 3000-4500 words. (Roughly 8-12 pages if you use Courier new font, size 12) While it can be of any genre, do remember that it has to have enough dramatic potential to expand into a feature-length screenplay. Please note that the third edition of NVFS takes on the theme: Making Heroine The New Hero. The story must be either entirely original, or if you're adapting it from another source like a novel, short story, play, or any other form, the original source has to either be copyright-free, or else you need to attach a document from the copyright holder assigning you the right to write and sell a film script of it.
  • Synopsis and Objective: A 300-word summary of the story. Additionally, 150-200 words on what it is about the story that you find interesting, and what the story is trying to say.
  • First Three Pages of the Script: Develop the beginning of your story as a three-page script (refer to sample script on website).

Please ensure that your name, address, phone number, or any other identifying information does not appear on the title page or any other page of the story and the proposed script.

The fellowship is open to all Indian languages. However, all the submissions must be made in English or Hindi. Every application will be acknowledged via e-mail. If you do not have an email account, you will receive the acknowledgement via post.

One applicant can submit up to two stories. However, even if both stories qualify, only one will be selected. Each story must be submitted with a separate application form, synopsis, objective, and first three pages of the script. You may submit the same covering note for both stories.

We do not require a previously written full feature film script as a writing sample. Even if you have not written any script previously, you are still eligible to apply. The goal of the Fellowship is to encourage and support new talent passionate about screenwriting. The Fellowship is open to all genres.

Please note that both the story and the first three pages of the proposed script MUST be registered either with any film writers association or with the Indian Copyright Office, even if your story has already been published. (There are several film writers associations in India. A search on the Internet will give you their details. For the Film Writers Association Mumbai, go to: and for the Copyright Office go to:

There is no application fee.

The 12 shortlisted finalists will be notified in August 2015. They should be available for a five-day residential workshop (dates to be announced), and for an interview immediately following the workshop. From the 12, seven will be selected as NVFS fellows who will then begin work on their scriptwriting process under the guidance of their respective mentors. Please refer to the schedule for more details. 

Please read the Rules and Regulations and FAQs for more information.

Story definition (PDF)

Sample Script for Reference (PDF)