Comedy Vs. Conflict, with Anand Chulani (AsiaBuzz)


Join renowned inspirational comedian Anand Chulani for reflections on how he has used comedy to overcome conflict and bridge divides in Asia and beyond.

Chulani, who was recently listed as one of India's top 10 comedians by the Times of India, has used laughter for progress in unique ways. His experiences include turning around Israeli and Palestinian youth to come together and become ambassadors of peace, turning around gang members and drug dealers in Los Angeles, working with the Sheriff of San Francisco, the International Association of Hostage Negotiators and consulting with the Department of Public Policy on strategies to handle jailed rioters from the August 2011 London protests to help them express their grievances productively.

As governments and political thinkers work to create systems and policies that allow for peace, can we turn to more basic commonalities in people across borders to overcome conflict? What unique aspects about cultures get exposed through the use of comedy in this way, and what must we understand about cultures in order to use this method effectively?

After writing for hit shows on BBC and FOX like Goodness Gracious Me, The Simpsons and becoming the "first Indian to write for an American sitcom," travelling with and being trained by Anthony Robbins in strategic intervention to creating TV shows for the Disney Channel and touring with Russell Peters as one of the "Gurus of Comedy," leadership and laughter coach Anand Chulani created LOL Method, which uses fun and play to educate and empower the leaders of today (Fortune 500 companies) and the leaders of tomorrow (children) to become Leaders of Laughter — confident and compassionate leaders in their schools, corporations, homes and communities. In the last year, the LOL Method has been embraced by over 40,000 children, teachers and parents from over 30 countries as well as leaders of companies such as Google, Turner Broadcasting, Exonn Mobil and Credit Suisse and organizations such as YPO. He is currently a regular guest and expert on peak performance for Bloomberg.


AsiaBuzz is a networking series designed to showcase experts from diverse backgrounds in an evening of drinks, discussions and exchanges.

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Sat 01 Oct 2011
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Volte Gallery, near Radio Club, Colaba, 2/19, Kamal Mansions (above White Pearl Hotel), Mumbai
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