Cyber Abuse: A Web of Violence

Cyber Abuse

L-R: Adrian Phillips, Monique Villa, Priti Patkar, and Shweta Katti

MUMBAI, 12 April 2018: In consideration of rising internet accessibility across the globe, Asia Society India Centre in partnership with Thomson Reuters Foundation, brought together a diverse panel to discuss the world wide web's effects, particularly pertaining to sexual violence, on Indian society. Bringing together Monique Villa, CEO of Thomson Reuters Foundation, Priti Patkar, Co-founder and Director of Prerana, a pioneering NGO working to end second generation prostitution especially in Mumbai, and Shweta Katti, recent Bard College graduate and activist from Kamathipura. The panel discussed their experiences and observations on how the internet and technology have affected gender based violence and human trafficking, underscoring the severity of its negative impact. Katti, a young woman who grew up in one of Asia's largest red light areas, described the need to engage with adolescents and teenagers about subjects usually considered "taboo" such as sex and desire. While Patkar emphasized the need to educate individuals within one's own home and families, while Villa discussed how the rapid growth of internet technology mandates a stronger investment of resources and training of police forces against trafficking. Serving as moderator for the evening, Adrian Phillips, Director of Legal at Justice and Care and cyber terrorism expert, actively invited and acknowledged the range of perspectives each of the panelists brought to the table.

As reported by Lekha Jandhyala, Programme Assistant, Asia Society India Centre

Watch the programme below: