The Climb to the Top: Mount Everest

MUMBAI, 18 October 2016- Asia Society India Centre hosted Kuntal Joisher, who successfully climbed Mount Everest in April 2016 and also happens to be a vegan. He narrated his story to an auditorium filled with adventure enthusiasts and aspiring mountaineers.

It was a vacation to Shimla with his wife and his quest for snow that triggered his passion to climb Everest. He climbed a Himalayan peak in 3 hours that gave him the taste of mountain climbing and changed his life forever. He did an Everest basecamp trek that cemented his decision to conquer Everest and what ensued was a long journey of mind and body training to achieve his goal.

According to him, its sheer passion and devotion that made him achieve this feat which he says should be the mantra for anyone daring to dream in any walks of life. He made Everest his life! He attempted the Everest three times and was successful at his third attempt. He shared tales of thundering storms, deathly avalanches and gruesome deaths that he witnessed on his first two attempts at climbing the highest mountain. But his never say die attitude and passion finally made him successful in 2016 and he described the feeling as unreal and surreal.

He stressed heavily on the values of team work and coordination in a task like this and feels indebted to his team of sherpas who helped make his dream a reality. He now aims to climb 14 other peaks in the Himalayas and confesses to have had enough of Everest! For those of you who plan to climb the Everest, it takes 65 days and a few million rupees coupled with extreme hardwork and perseverance to triumph.

Reported by Karishma Talwar, Programme Officer, Asia Society India Centre.

This programme is a part of Asia Society India Centre's Asia Buzz series. A networking series designed to showcase experts from diverse backgrounds in an evening of discussions and exchanges.