Bhutanese Drangyen Musician: Sonam Dorji

The Music of Bhutan: Traditions from the Land of the Thunder Dragon

MUMBAI, January 24, 2013 — Master musician and vocalist Kheng Sonam Dorji joined us for an evening of music and dialogue, showcasing the drangyen, a traditional string instrument played in Bhutan.

He explained that music is an essential part of Bhutanese culture and a foundation for community in the country. He described it as "the ultimate source of happiness," going beyond entertainment to form an integral part of work, rituals, religion and celebration of rural life. He said that their music embodies Buddhist aesthetics, and forms a medium through with spiritual and cultural values are shared across the population. It teaches the Bhutanese how they are related to their community, nature and the cosmos.

This was part of our AsiaBuzz series, which is a networking series designed to showcase experts from diverse backgrounds in an evening of drinks, discussions, and exchanges.

Video: Highlights from the program (11 min.)



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