Asia Buzz with Barney Harford, COO of Uber Technologies Inc. & Roopa Purushothaman, Chief Economist at Tata Sons Ltd

Barney Harford and Roopa Purushothaman

MUMBAI, 20 April 2018: One of India’s most congested metropolises and one of the world’s most populated cities with an ever-growing working age population, Mumbai itself underwrites the fact that India is a core market concerning transportation. As part of the Asia Buzz series, designed to showcase experts from distinct backgrounds in a relaxed setting of drinks, conversation, and exchanges, Asia Society India Centre hosted Barney Harford, COO of Uber Technologies Inc. in conversation with Roopa Purushothaman, Chief Economist at Tata Sons Ltd. With over 70 leading business leaders, entrepreneurs, and diplomats in attendance, the open spaced and casual luncheon became hosting ground for interaction and exchange. Harford offered insights into the future of sustainable mobility and foreseeable prospects in India. Considering that India is Uber's most important market in Southeast Asia with over 300,000 active drivers, and 10 million weekly trips, those in attendance discussed the intricacies of independent contractor work in population-dense areas and the environmental impact of ride-sharing.

As reported by Lekha Jandhyala, Programme Assistant, Asia Society India Centre

Watch the programme below: