Asia Art Awards India

NEW DELHI, 1 February 2017- Asia Society India Centre hosted the inaugural Asia Arts Awards India on the eve of the opening of the India Art Fair on 1st February at the Taj Mansingh Hotel in New Delhi. The gala had some of the countries most celebrated and eminent personalities from the field of arts and culture in attendance, including Pheroza Godrej, Sangita Jindal, Kiran Nadar, Bose Krishnamachari, Shireen Gandhi, Tasneem Mehta, Jitish Kallat, and Sudarshan Shetty; along with a multitude of respected business people and philanthropists, congregated for a night of celebrating innovative and thoughtful achievement in the Asian art community. The new director of Tate Galleries Maria Balshaw and Sheena Wagstaff of The MET in New York were present as well.

Continuing on a long history of serving as a supportive platform for provocative and extraordinary artistic expression, the Asia Society celebrated the work of Abir Karmakar, Krishen Khanna, and teamLab, respectively, for their unique contributions to Asian art. The evening opened with a scintillating conversation between Member of Parliament, Dr Shashi Tharoor and media guru Suhel Seth on the importance of arts and culture as a soft power for an emergent economies. Seth’s firebrand questions and Tharoor’s quick witted answers set the pace for what was an elegant and memorable affair. The awards sought to recognize the unique and invaluable contributions of variegated artistic approaches. The Asia Arts Vanguard Award, commending the visual artist who has served as a mentor and pioneer in his or her generation by exploring new subjects, forms, and mediums, was bestowed on Krishen Khanna. The Asia Arts Future Awards, extoling visual artists who are innovators in broadening the current understanding and perception of contemporary art in their country, were given to teamLab and Abir Karmakar, respectively.

The Asia Arts Awards India is set to become an important annual event in the cultural calendar, one that supports and promotes Asian artists within Asia, and across the 12 international centres of the Asia Society.

Reported by: Brian L Osgood, Programme Assistant Intern, Asia Society India Centre