Art for All

Rajeev Sethi (L) and Asia Society President Emerita Vishakha Desai in Mumbai on February 13, 2014. (Asia Society India Centre)

MUMBAI, February 13, 2014 — On Thursday evening, Asia Society India Center presented a timely discussion on the role and scope of art in public spaces with Rajeev Sethi, Chairman and Founder Trustee of the Asian Heritage Foundation, along with our very own Vishakha Desai as the sparkling moderator. The conversation was particularly relevant as Rajeev directed the art programme at Terminal 2 of the new Mumbai International Airport, which just opened for business the day before our event and has caught the attention of the public in India and internationally. The discussion fittingly took place at the National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai and was a concluding celebration of the Across Oceans and Flowing Silk: From Canton to Bombay 18th–20th Centuries and No Parsi is an Island exhibitions, led by ASIC Board Member Pheroza Godrej. The NGMA Audiorium was overflowing with 200+ guests in attendance — our largest recorded audience at an art programme.

Reported by Uditinder Thakur, Programme Assistant, Asia Society India Centre

Transcript of the Q & A between Rajeev Sethi and Vishakha Desai (PDF)