About Asia Society India Centre

Asia Society India Centre enhances dialogue, encourages creative expression and generates ideas in the areas of business and policy, and arts and culture. It was inaugurated in 2006 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and has hosted over 300 events since its inception, establishing itself as a leading public education platform.

The India Centre, through its diverse and multidisciplinary programming initiatives including public lectures, business discussions, policy roundtables, guided art tours, performances, lecture demonstrations and leadership programmes, cultivates nuanced understandings of Asia Pacific affairs.

Business and Policy

The intersection of business, policy and development serves as a central theme for India Centre events. Exploring key economic trends, current affairs and new ideas, our events offer intimate access to leading personalities and valuable networking opportunities. Recent programmes have included lively debates on how industries interface with emerging academic discourse to positively impact development, roundtable meetings with government officials to share best practices across borders, and panel discussions on how new business and policy issues shape global and domestic affairs.

Arts and Culture

Art, literature, film, discussion and research form a vital part of how the India Centre broadens understandings and brings the best of the Asia Pacific region to its audiences.
Initiatives have included visits to studios of leading artists, a mentored fellowship for emerging film screenwriters, a transnational conference with American and Indian museum and performing arts specialists, the establishment of the Rabindranath Tagore Center for Arts and Ideas based in New York and Mumbai, and the Asian Art and Museum Network that connects with Asia Society’s exhibition spaces in New York, Hong Kong and Houston.

Leadership Initiatives

Asia Society’s leadership programmes, including the Asia 21 Young Leaders Fellowship, Women Leaders of New Asia and the Diversity Leadership Forum, create networked communities of leaders across the Asia Pacific region. These programmes involve participants from over 33 countries and connect emerging and established leaders across regions and disciplines to foster exchanges towards a shared future.

Asia Society Events: Get Involved

Membership is the best way to keep informed about developments in Asia and our activities at Asia Society India Centre. Asia Society events provide insightful perspectives and nonpartisan views for diverse audiences of young professionals, academics, visual and performing artists, business leaders, policy makers and engaged world citizens. Benefits include free or discounted admission and priority registration for our programmes and access to members-only events with leading experts and practitioners.

To discuss major collaborative initiatives, play a major supporting role with Asia Society India Centre or to join and become a member, please e-mail  asiasociety@asiasociety.org.in  or call +91 22 6610 0888.