Statement on PEN Hong Kong Event

HONG KONG, July 7, 2017 — Asia Society takes this issue very seriously, and after looking into the circumstances, it is clear that an error in judgment at the staff level was made involving the PEN Hong Kong event. Asia Society, throughout its history, has hosted events at all of its global locations with speakers representing all sides of major Asia-related issues. This has been one of our core principles since our founding in 1956; it’s still our policy today. We remain steadfast in our mission to serve as a global forum for meaningful and open dialogue.

Asia Society Hong Kong received no representations from the Chinese government on this matter. In May, Joshua Wong spoke at Asia Society in New York along with other speakers from Hong Kong. Joshua Wong and speakers from all sides of the issue are welcome at Asia Society.

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亞洲協會對是次事件十分關注。就與香港筆會 (PEN Hong Kong)的活動進行調查後,證實涉及工作職級員工的錯誤判斷。亞洲協會歷來曾於本會全球不同會址,為來自代表亞洲相關議題持不同意見的嘉賓主辦多項活動。此乃本會由1956年成立至今一直秉持的核心原則之一。本會將繼續堅守我們作爲環球論壇的使命,致力促進具意義的公開對話。