Montien Boonma Biography

Originally trained as a painter in Bangkok, Rome, and Paris, Thai artist Montien Boonma (1953-2000) is better known for his sculptures and installations.  His art works often convey a sense of Buddhist faith combining contemporary aesthetics and a tactile sensitivity. While adopting traditional Buddhist related materials such as herbs and spices, wax, gold leaf, and lotus petals, his works are often accented with a touch of industrial materials such as cement and steel. Because of the artist’s deep belief in Buddhism and the tragic incident of losing his wife to cancer, many of Boonma’s works are metaphors for faith, hope, suffering, and healing. Just as he became more and more visible in the international art scene, he also succumbed to cancer and died prematurely at the age of 47.  His work “Lotus Sound” is an installation that juxtaposes the idea of permanence and transience, solidity and fragility, traditional symbolism in Buddhism and contemporary art language of minimalism.

Exhibitions of Boonma’s work have been held around the world, including “Arokhayasala Installasjoner” at Tenersenmuseum in Oslo; “Montien Boonma” at Art Front Gallery in Tokyo; “Montien Boonma” at Beurdeley & Cie. in Paris;and“House of Hope, Deitch Projects” in New York.