Italian Cultural Pioneer in China – Matteo Ricci Adventure Workshops


Age groups: 5 - 15
Language: Cantonese or English

Sunday, June 29, 1:45pm Cantonese Session [PAST]

Bookings of exclusive sessions open [NEW]

As a continuation of educational offerings in association with Light and Shadows – Caravaggio • The Italian Baroque Master exhibition that was held at Asia Society Hong Kong Center from March – April 2014, a series of free educational workshops entitled Italian Cultural Pioneer in China – Matteo Ricci Adventure Workshops will be offered in summer 2014 to students in Hong Kong.

Explorations, trades, and Jesuit missions took Italians to Asia as early as late 1200s, Italian Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci, a contemporary of Caravaggio’s,  was one of most notable pioneers the Italian-Chinese cultural dialogue. In the year that Caravaggio painted the second Supper at Emmaus, 1605-1606, Ricci was also leaving marks of the Christ’s teaching in a book of woodcuts for Chinese officials that he was asked to provide visual illustrations for.  Through age appropriate arts and crafts activities, these interactive summer workshops will provide students with fun opportunities to revisit Ricci’s journey to the East, recreate inventions he brought about, and understand how Ricci had paved the way for the two nations to inspire and influence each other for hundreds of years to come.   

We invite schools and organizations to book exclusive sessions to be held at Asia Society Hong Kong Center or at other venues. Workshops are free but timeslots are limited. For details on workshop themes, specific activities that may be suitable for your group’s age, and booking, please email, or call 2103 9568.


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