To See the Forest and the Trees | 見樹亦見林

Black and white trees

Work by South Ho. 何兆南作品。

In response to Hong Kong’s devastating loss of trees caused by the tropical cyclone Typhoon Mangkhut in September 2018, this exhibition explores the role and significance of trees within our environment, culture and history. Inspired by the expression, “cannot see the forest for the trees,” which describes when one fails to grasp the big picture by focusing only on a certain aspect, the exhibition addresses the urgency to preserve the well-being and future of our planet in dire geological decline. Through artworks by Allora & Calzadilla, Sally Bunker, South Ho, Vvzela Kook, Post Tree Lifestyle, James Prosek, Frank Tang, Natee Utarit, Haley van Oosten and Trevor Yeung; a music series curated by Charles Kwong and other community education programs, this exhibition promotes the importance of environmental protection to engineer a sustainable future.

以回應颱風山竹於2018年9月吹襲香港,對城市林木造成摧毀性影響,本展覽探索香港林木生態對城市環境、文化與歷史的重要性。「見樹不見林」,意旨過於注重細節,而忽略整體大局;啟發自這諺語,是次展覽提出人類與大自然共生共融的關係,及保育環境生態的逼切性。展覽包括Allora & CalzadillaSally Bunker何兆南曲倩雯樹後生活James Prosek鄧啟耀纳提·尤塔瑞Haley van Oosten楊沛鏗的藝術作品,同時配合由鄺展維策劃的音樂系列以及其他公共教育項目。

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