The Silk Road and the Art of the Tibetan Plateau Forum — Pāla Art and its Influence in China / 青藏高原絲路與藝術論壇 — 波羅藝術與中國


Two-Day Forum


Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni. Pāla period (8th–12th century), 11th century. India, Bihar. Schist.
H. 27¾ x W. 16¼ x D. 6½ in. (70.5 x 41.3 x 16.5 cm). Asia Society, New York: Mr. and Mrs. John
D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection, 1979.36. Photography by Synthescape, courtesy of Asia Society

Two-Day Forum
Saturday, May  26, 2018 星期六, 2018年5月26日
Registration 登記9:00am; Forum 論壇9:30am; Close 結束6:05pm
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Sunday, May 27, 2018星期日, 2018年5月27日
Registration 登記9:15am; Forum 論壇9:30am; Close 結束5:45pm
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*Forum will be conducted in Mandarin or English with simultaneous interpretation

The Tibetan Plateau, an important and active area on the ancient Silk Road, has left a rich and varied cultural and artistic heritage in its more than two thousand years of history, and has been the subject of much global academic research. Taking art history, cultural relics and archaeological discoveries in the countries and regions of the Tibetan Plateau as its theme, and against a broader historical/cultural background and time span, The Silk Road and the Art of the Tibetan Plateau Forum will focus on the study of Buddhist relics, the artistic styles and archaeological discoveries in the core areas of the Silk Road such as the five Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Nepal.  The aim is to understand from the perspective of art history and archaeology, how the Silk Road, as an economic and cultural epicenter,  affected the many Himalayan areas it encompassed in terms of multicultural and religious dissemination, migration of ethnic groups, commerce, and trade.


Saturday, May  26, 2018 星期六, 2018年5月26日
Forum 論壇9:10am
Close 結束6:05pm  

10:00-11:20a.m. | Session I


From Monastery to University: Growth of An Academic Institution (5th to 12th Century CE) 從寺院到大學:西元5-12世紀學術機構的成長
Dr. B.R. Mani 馬尼博士, National Museum, New Delhi 新德里國家博物館




Mahasthan (ancient Puṇḍranagara) A Pāla Capital at a Crossroads in Northeastern India 莫哈斯坦(古旁德拉那嘎熱)東北印度十字路口的一座波羅都城

Prof. Vincent Lefèvre 文森特 · 萊弗, French Ministry of Culture, 法國文化部 



 11:35a.m.-12:55p.m. | Session II

huo wei

The Spread and Development of Pāla Art in Western Tibet 波羅藝術在西藏西部的傳播與流變
Prof. HUO Wei 霍巍, Sichuan University, 四川大學 




A Survey of Murals and Stone Sculptures Found in Lhasa Area: A Definition of Tibetan Pāla Style 拉薩現存壁畫與石雕像中所見波羅風格的本土化
Prof. LUO Wenhua 羅文華, Palace Museum 故宮博物館



2:30-3:50p.m. | Session III

jane casey

Pāla Painting Traditions and Their Early Adaptations in Tibet 波羅繪畫傳統及其於西藏的早期調適
Prof. Jane Casey 簡 · 凱西, Independent Scholar, 獨立學者 




Some Problems on the Dating and Disseminated Routes of Pāla Style Arts in China 中國波羅藝術風格遺跡的斷代和傳播線路面臨的困惑
Prof. XIONG Wenbin 熊文彬, Sichuan University, 四川大學


4:10-6:05pm | Session IV 


Naga and Padma in the Pãla period of India  The Appearance of Lotus Mandala 印度帕拉時期的那伽與蓮花 - 兼論蓮花曼荼羅之出現
Zhang Ya Jing 張雅靜,, Institute for the Study of Tibetan Buddhist Heritage, The Palace Museum 故宮博物院藏傳佛教文物研究所



From India to the Doorstep of China. Indian Pāla style in the Hexi Corridor 從印度到中國門口:河西走廊的印度波羅風格
Mr. Yury Khokhlov 尤裏 · 柯克諾夫Independent Scholar 獨立學者




david weldon

Indian Art and Its Influence at the Ming and Qing Courts 印度藝術及其在明清宮廷的影響
Mr. David Weldon, 大衛 · 韋爾登 Independent Scholar 獨立學者



Sunday, May 27, 2018 星期日, 2018年5月27日
Forum 論壇9:30; Close 結束5:45pm

9:30-11:30a.m. | Session V 

jeff watt

Narrative Versus Tantra Based Figurative Forms: A Comparison of Pāla & Tibetan Buddhist Iconography 敘事vs密續,以人物形像為基礎:波羅和藏傳佛教圖像的比較
Prof. Jeff Watt 傑夫 · 瓦特, Himalayan Art Resource  喜馬拉雅藝術資源中心



Eight Life Scenes of Śākyamuni Buddha in Pāla Sculpture 波羅塑像中的釋迦牟尼佛八相圖
Prof. Masahide Mori, Kanazawa University 金澤大學




An Aesthetic and Iconographic Study of Pāla Sculptures in the National Museum, New Delhi 新德里國家博物館藏波羅雕像的美學與圖像研究
Prof. Dr. Anupa Pande, 阿努帕 · 潘德博士, Department of History of Art, National Museum Institute, New Delhi 新德里國家博物館藝術史系, 國家博物館學院



11:45a.m.-1:05p.m. Session VI


The Origin of Black Hat of Karma bKa’-rGyud — A Reexamination to the Bhaiṣajyaguru Thangka from Khara Khoto   噶瑪噶舉黑帽由來考—黑水城藥師佛唐卡的再考察
Prof. XIE Jisheng 謝繼勝, Zhejiang University, 浙江大學




Choice Among Alternatives: An Analysis of Pāla Elements in Early Murals of Shalu Monastery 取捨之道—夏魯寺早期壁畫風格中的波羅元素分析
Dr. YANG Hongjiao 楊鴻姣博士 Museum of Tibetan Culture, China Tibetology Research Center 中國藏學研究中心西藏文化博物館  

2:30-3:30p.m. Session VII


Buddhist Images of Dance and Awe in Bihar and Bengal, 11th-12th 比哈爾和孟加拉11-12世紀的佛教舞者與敬畏形像
Prof. Claudine Bautze Picron, 寶澤 · 皮克榮, French National Centre for Scientific Research, 法國國家科學研究中心




The Bejewelled Buddha 寶冠佛
Ms. Komal Pande 柯瑪爾 · 潘徳, National Museum, New Delhi 新德里國家博物館 




4:05-5:25p.m. Session VIII


Avalokitesvara in Pāla Art波羅藝術中的觀音
Dr. Savita Kumari 薩維塔·庫馬力博士, National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation & Museology新德里國家藝術史, 文物修復與博物館學學院


dan martin

Art in the Life of Atiśa Questions about 11th-Century Pāla or Pāla-Inspired Painting in Tibet 阿底峽時期的藝術 - 11世紀波羅或受其啓發之西藏繪畫相關問題
Dr. Dan Martin 丹 · 馬丁博士, Hebrew University, 希伯來大學




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