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The Asia Society Collectors Series

Private viewing with Professor Yip Shing Yiu, Chairman, Min Chiu Society

Founded in 1960 by a group of Chinese collectors from Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Min Chiu Society (敏求精舍) derives its name from a line from the Analects of Confucius: “The master said, 'I was not born with knowledge but, being fond of antiquity, I am quick to seek it.'” (我非生而知之者,好古敏以求之者也). The Society is a private group of gentlemen devoted to enhancing appreciation for Chinese art through showcasing its internationally acclaimed private collections. The collection consists of Chinese cultural treasures and ancient artifacts which date back to as early as 5000 B.C. Members of the Min Chiu Society are like-minded representatives of the social elite and include bankers, businessmen, and industrialists, doctors, lawyers and other eminently respectable professions who share a passion for Chinese art. Members of the Society meet regularly at their Bowen Road club house, which also serves as an exhibition space for their private collections.

Professor Yip Shing Yiu, Chairman of the Min Chiu Society, and his Vice Chairmen will lead members of the Asia Society through the current display of 19th-century export silver and 20th-century Chinese calligraphy. The Asia Society Collectors Series was launched in 2009 to enhance appreciation and understanding of Asian art by taking members to the private treasure troves of art connoisseurs in Hong Kong.

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Event Details

Sat 15 Sep 2012
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Min Chiu Society Club House, Bowen Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
$300, Asia Society members only.
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