Hot Club of San Francisco Postcards from Gypsyland 三藩市火辣俱樂部 來自吉卜賽的明信片


Evening Jazz Concert 晚間爵士音樂會


Performance 表演 8:00pm
Close 結束 10:00pm

The Hot Club of San Francisco (HCSF) are an ensemble of accomplished and versatile musicians celebrating the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli’s pioneering Hot Club de France. The HCSF borrows the instrumentation of violin, bass, and guitars from the original Hot Club while breathing new life into the music with innovative arrangements of classic tunes and original compositions by the group’s superb lead guitarist, Paul Mehling. Featuring two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning violinist Evan Price, the velvet vocals of Isabelle Fontaine and a swinging rhythm section, the group never fails to surprise and delight.

三藩市火辣俱樂部 由一群造詣非凡而又多才多藝的樂手所組成,並向由 Django Reinhardt 和Stephane Grappelli 所成立的破格樂團法國火辣俱樂部 (Hot Club de France) 致敬。三藩市火辣俱樂部演奏的樂器包括小提琴、低音大提琴和結他,與元祖級法國火辣俱樂部的樂器編制相同。他們將主音結他手Paul Mehling的經典樂曲和原創作品通過新穎的編制注入了活力。三藩市火辣俱樂部的演出充滿驚喜和歡樂,音樂充滿爵士樂的搖擺節奏,由曾獲兩次格林美獎得主的小提琴手Evan Price 和歌聲如鵝絨般柔滑典雅的 Isabelle Fontaine 主力演出。

The Hot Club of San Francisco plays the gypsy jazz music of guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli and the original Hot Club de France. This unique jazz form recalls Paris in the 1930s and offers a swinging beat with a sweet melody. The Hot Club performs many of the original works by Reinhardt and Grappelli and incorporates original works by guitarist Paul Mehling and violinist Evan Price.

三藩市火辣俱樂部主要演奏由結他手Django Reinhardt 和 小提琴家 Stephane Grappelli 為法國火辣俱樂部所創作的吉卜賽爵士樂。這種獨特的演奏風格來自1930年代的法國,將搖擺的節奏和甜美的旋律合而為一。除了演奏Reinhardt和Grappelli的原創作品外,他們的曲目亦融合了結他手Paul Mehling和小提琴家Evan Price的作品。


Paul Mehling has been dubbed the godfather of American gypsy jazz. He discovered the music of Django Reinhardt and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France in grammar school. Decades later, the music that took root in his young soul finally bore fruit. Paul is the founder and guiding spirit of the The Hot Club of San Francisco. Over the years, the band has put out many fine albums of gypsy flavored jazz, consistently reimagining the classic Beatles tunes.

Paul Mehling被稱為美國吉卜賽爵士樂的教父。Paul自少於學校認識了Django Reinhardt和Django所成立的破格樂團法國火辣俱樂部 (Hot Club de France) 的音樂﹐從而燃點了他對吉卜賽爵士樂的興趣。此舉更於數十年後,幫助他的音樂創作道路結出了累累碩果。現在﹐Paul不單是三藩市火辣俱樂部的創始人和指導者,多年來帶領樂隊不斷重新演繹經典披頭士樂隊的樂曲,更協助樂隊推出了多張吉卜賽風的精美專輯。


Isabelle Fontaine is a professional vocalist who developed an unconditional love on jazz music because of the performance by Ladies and the Dukes of the Big Band Era, and she was eventually drawn to the gypsy swing of Django Reinhardt and The Hot Club of France. Hence, It wasn’t long before she picked up the guitar and applied her impeccable sense of rhythm to the stringed instrument. In 2004, she moved with her family to the Bay Area and has since become highly sought after not only as a vocalist but also as a rhythm guitar player of the The Hot Club of San Francisco.

Isabelle Fontaine是一位專業歌唱家﹐她最初被樂隊Ladies and the Dukes的表演吸引而對爵士樂產生濃厚興趣,日後更被Django Reinhardt和 法國火辣俱樂部 所表演的吉卜賽搖擺樂傾倒入迷。這促使她學習結他﹐並把無可挑剔的節奏感應用到弦樂器上﹐結他的演奏技巧和表現能力都日趨完美。2004年,她和家人一起搬到了三藩市灣區﹐成為了當地大受追棒的歌手以及三藩市火辣俱樂部優秀的節奏結他手。


Evan Price is steadily becoming one of the most respected jazz violinists of his generation. As a young competitive fiddler, he won his share of awards, having been named the U.S. Scottish Fiddling Champion, Canadian Junior Fiddle Champion, and Canadian Novelty Fiddling Champion. Since 1998, Evan has proudly called himself a member of The Hot Club of San Francisco, perhaps the most venerable gypsy jazz band in the US.

Evan Price 是新一代最受尊敬的爵士小提琴手之一。他曾獲得了無數獎項﹐當中包括美國蘇格蘭小提琴冠軍,加拿大小提琴少年組冠軍  和加拿大新穎派小提琴冠軍  等殊榮。而自1998年以來,Evan都自豪地稱自己為三藩市火辣俱樂部的成員之一。


Jordan Samuels is an accomplished guitarist who has been performing and teaching throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for the last twenty years. Since completing his studies in 2010, Samuels has become a sought after jazz guitarist and performs regularly with the Hot Club of San Francisco, Erik Jekabson’s Electric Squeezbox Orchestra, and his own trio Certified Organic.

Jordan Samuels是一位多才多藝的結他手,在過去的二十年裡一直在三藩市灣區演出和教學。而自從2010年完成學業以來,茁壯成長的Samuels更專注於爵士結他表演,並定期與三藩市火辣俱樂部,Electric Squeezbox Orchestra,以及他自己的三人組合Certified Organic 一同演出。


Sam Rocha showed an interest in music from a very early age. While largely self-taught on the string bass, Sam has absorbed the nuances of classic jazz tuba, cornet, and guitar playing, quickly becoming one of the rising stars of the traditional jazz and gypsy swing circuit. Rocha is known for his innate musicality and for his inventive, melodic solos.

Sam Rocha從小就對音樂展現出極大興趣。他擅長於低音號,短號和結他等多種典型爵士樂器﹐並憑藉優越的音樂天賦和獨具特色的演奏風格而聞名﹐為吉卜賽爵士樂的冉冉新星。

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Thu 12 Sep 2019
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